Hitman Delayed

Posted on by Ryan


IO Interactive have announced that their upcoming Hitman game has now been delayed. The reason for the delay is to expand on what’s available when the game is launched.

IO Interactive stated..

“These few extra months will mean we can add more to the launch content of the game, more than we had originally planned, and then follow with a tighter frequency of updates, which ultimately will create a better game for everyone. And in the end, that’s what we’re all looking for. Moving a launch date is never an easy decision. We know it’s frustrating to have to wait a bit longer for the game, but we truly believe it will mean we can deliver a better launch and overall experience.”

Even Square-Enix Europe CEO Phil Rogers chimed in on the announcement by stating..

“We want to keep the business model very simple. There’s going to be one price, so we’re not talking microtransactions, and it allows us to evolve the content itself… Gamers don’t want unfinished content, so we’re being very clear. This is going to be AAA, polished Hitman as you’d expect. But we can continue to create experiences, so the world only expands. We’re experimenting.”

The game was originally scheduled to be released in December, but has now been pushed back until March 2016.