Hitbox Receives $4 Million Investment

Posted on by Ryan


Streaming site Hitbox.tv has announced they have received a $4 million investment from various “business angels.” One of these investments came from North Media Base and Wargaming. Wargaming Chief Strategic Officer Sean Lee has also joined Hitbox’s board of directors.

Lee released this statement…

“Help the live streaming for our games and our fans have always been a cornerstone of our  strategy. Hitbox allows us to place the live broadcast at the heart of Wargaming, and thus directly integrate the distribution at the heart of our games. Players can share their experience more easily than ever, and our channels will have the solid infrastructure that AAA gaming demand.”

Hitbox Co-Founder and CEO Martin Klimscha also released a statement…

“While many of our peers thought the market was saturated by the giants of the field, we have decided to focus our business on technological innovation and the development of a friendly community and dynamic. This has helped us to consolidate more than 6 million loyal players in less than two years. We are big fans of Wargaming, we welcome with open arms as investors and partners. We share the same vision, which is to carry the live video streaming to new horizons. Speedinvest was a partner of choice in our first investment research, and this new partnership strengthens our relationship to develop our operations and our visibility. ”

Hitbox has stated the money received from the investment will be used to help with the development of streaming platform all around the world with North America specifically mentioned.