GTA Online Players Reporting Multiple Issues

Posted on by Ryan

Earlier today the Ill-Gotten Gains Part Two DLC was released for GTA Online and it seems that many players have been reporting issues. Most of the issues that are being reported that cars owned by players have been randomly go missing. One Reddit user even posted a picture stating that the body of the car disappeared, but the wheels stayed.




Other issues that have been reported are lower framerates, especially for players who are running the game on PC. Rockstar Games is aware of the situation and released this statement…


“We have found that some players’ garages may have been rearranged after updating to 1.28. If you think a vehicle is missing, try calling your mechanic and scrolling through your various garages to see if the vehicle was moved to another location erroneously. If you are unable to find your vehicle, please submit a request to our support team and we will assist you.”