Grand Theft Auto V 100% World Record Broken

Posted on by Ryan


There are a million things we could say about Grand Theft Auto V, but for this we’re going to briefly tell you that loads of people have always considered getting 100% in any Grand Theft Auto game a major accomplishment. It’s rightfully so as someone just did it for Grand Theft Auto V with a new record time.

DatesL from Romania has just set the world record for Grand Theft Auto V under the 100% category. DatesL did it with a time of 13 hours 26 minutes 12 seconds. This beats his previous world record time of 14 hours 9 minutes 20 seconds.

For those interested in trying to beat this time, here are the requirements for the class..

• Missions: 69 of 69
• Hobbies & Pasttime: 42 of 61
• Strangers & Freaks: 20 of 58
• Random Events: 14 of 60
• Misc: 16 of 30