Grand Theft Auto Series Passes 220 Million Sales Worldwide

Posted on by Ryan

Take-Two Interactive has revealed the Grand Theft Auto Series has sold over 220 Million Copies Worldwide. This includes to 2D, 3D, and HD Universes. This includes all the DLC as well as GTA Advance and GTA Chinatown Wars.

The GTA series is the 3rd best-selling series of all-time. The only 2 series to surpass it are the Pokémon series at 297 Million copies, and the Mario series at 509 Million copies. The closest series to match Grand Theft Auto is the Call of Duty Series at 175 Million.

Grand Theft Auto V numbers are set to increase even more as Rockstar Games are releasing the Rockstar Editor feature on Xbox One and Playstation 4 as well as the inevitable story-based DLC content.