Gran Turismo Sport Is Not Gran Turismo 7

Posted on by Ryan


Sony has confirmed that the upcoming installment in the Gran Turismo franchise, Gran Turismo Sport, is not Gran Turismo 7. This comes from a recent interview with Eurogamer.

Sony Computer Enterainment Europe CEO Jim Ryan stated to Eurogamer…

“We’re not announcing Gran Turismo 7 at this stage. Fair to say [series director Kazunori Yamauchi] has been making these games for some considerable time now. I think it’s reasonable to assume that something else might come down the road. Is it a Prologue? No, I think it’ll be more than that.

“The old days, when the games were offline, the experience was defined by what’s on the disc. You had a distinction between a Prologue and a full GT, it was very stark. When the game becomes more of an online connected experience, that distinction blurs. This will be much more than a Prologue type experience.”