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Gran Turismo Sport 1.17 and 1.18 Released

Sony Interactive Entertainment and Polyphony Digital have released patches 1.17 and 1.18 of Gran Turismo Sport. These updates add new cars, tracks, and various improvements and adjustments.

You can view the full changelogs down below:


Update 1.17

  • New Cars
  • – The following 2 cars have been added:
  • ・Audi E-TRON Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. X)
  • ・Audi Vision Gran Turismo (Gr. 1)
  • 2. Controller
  • – Fixed an issue wherein the “Force Feedback Max. Torque” would revert back to its default settings when exiting any game mode after having changed the “Force Feedback Sensitivity” value in [Driving Options].
  • 3. “Transmission Mode” BGM Settings
  • – Fixed an issue wherein the menu background music did not play when the [BGM Playlist] option in [Options] > [Sound Volume] was set to “Transmission Mode” (Race background music will not be played in “Transmission Mode”.)
  • Other Improvements and Adjustments
  • – Various other issues have been addressed.

Update 1.18


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Main Features Implemented

1. New Cars

– The following 2 cars have been added:


2. Tracks

– The following 2 layouts for the “Dragon Trail” track have been added:

・Dragon Trail Gardens

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・Dragon Trail Gardens II

3. Scapes

– “Hawaii Islands” has been added to the special featured section.

4. Brand Central

– Additional Scapes spots have been added to BMW.

5. Sport Mode

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– With the introduction of the ‘Star Player’ system, the current Driver Rating (DR) ‘S’ will now be changed to ‘A+’.  - Players who have incurred into penalties that have yet to be cleared during a race will now see a ‘PENALTY’ label displayed below their PSN Online ID.

6. Race

– Blue flags have now been implemented. (Blue flags are displayed to those cars that are being approached by cars that are 1 lap ahead, and to cars with a slower pace.)

7. Controller

– The centring operation of the Fanatec® CSL Elite Racing Wheel (for PS4) has been weakened when operating the menus.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

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– When taking photos in brand-related Spots within Brand Central, you can now choose cars from both the showroom and the garage (limited to cars of that brand);

– In “My Library”, it is now possible to display the details of the photo format by pressing the △ button while viewing both Scapes Photos and Race Photos;

– three new events added:

1. The following three events will be added to “GT League”:

■ Compétition de France (Beginner League)

This event for French-made cars consists of cute, sporty, and unique vehicles.

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■ Gr. B Rallycross (Amateur League)
This race for Group B rally cars tests your car-control skills, whether you’re drifting or maintaining

■ Vision Gran Turismo Trophy + (Professional League)
In this race of dream Vision Gran Turismo cars, which one will be crowned the king of them all!?

– In ‘Arcade’ mode, when turning a steering wheel left and right, the cursor will not move. (Please use the directional buttons to move the cursor);

– Various other issues have been addressed.

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