Graceful Explosion Machine Announced

Posted on by Ryan


Vertex Pop, the developers of We Are Doomed, have announced a new side-scrolling action shooter titled Graceful Explosion Machine. The game will release this April on Nintendo Switch.

You can view an overview of the game and the announcement trailer provided to us by Vertex Pop down below..


Skillfully pilot the Graceful Explosion Machine, a fighter ship armed with a ludicrously overpowered quad-weapon array! Lost in deep space, you’ll shoot, dash and combo your way through jewel-hued alien worlds, fighting crystalline enemies to find a way home.

The GEM fighter is the most advanced single pilot fighter in the galaxy, offering precise controls, nimble movement, and devastating firepower.


  • A blisteringly intense side-scrolling arcade shooter experience
  • The quad-weapon array gives the player four unique and devastatingly powerful weapons at all times
  • Fast paced skill-based action, featuring a deep combo system and scoring mechanics
  • 30+ levels across 4 unique worlds
  • Visuals bursting with vibrant colour, bold lines, and geometric enemy designs
  • Analogue and digital synthesizer driven soundtrack
  • Extensive ranking and stats for each level encourages replay and perfecting the game combo systems
  • Score attack mode: a finely-tuned experience for wracking up big scores! Perfect for streaming