Google Disabled Over 780 Million “Bad Ads” Last Year

Posted on by Ryan


Regardless of your opinion of ads “bad ads” are growing at an alarming rate. Just in 2015 alone, Google disabled more than 780 million ads. The most in history. Google explained..

“Some ads are just plain bad—like ads that carry malware, cover up content you’re trying to see, or promote fake goods. Bad ads can ruin your entire online experience, a problem we take very seriously. That’s why we have a strict set of policies for the kinds of ads businesses can run with Google—and why we’ve invested in sophisticated technology and a global team of 1,000+ people dedicated to fighting bad ads.”

To put it into perspective, if you spent 1 second for each of those ads it would take you over 25 years to view them all. Google has also noted they are also cracking down on trick-to-click ads as well. Stating…

“We got even tougher on ads that mislead or trick people into interacting with them—like ads designed to look like system warnings from your computer. In 2015 alone we rejected more than 17 million,”