LostOneTeam have released a new patch for their recently released co-op horror title Ghost Exile. This update makes several adjustments including a 40% stamina increase, new questions to the Ouija board, Chinese language support, and general bug fixes.

Ghost Exile is available for PC via Steam. You can view the patch notes down below:

-Added a pseudo-random system every time the chance fails, the chance will increase, if successful, the chance is reset back (possibly excessive activity of the ghost at first)

-Added a new question to the ouija board (where are you)
-Stamina was increased by 40%
-Changed the distance of using the door and objects on the mouse button
– Now it is impossible to keep the same door for a long time
-Now ESC works correctly and closes all menus
-Increased the delay before hunting for 1 second, now the ghost will try to avoid appearing in the player
-Added an exception to the evidence in the diary
-The visual appearance of the haze has been redesigned
-Now if you encounter a ghost, you may have steam coming from behind your mouth (if the ghost has a subzero temperature)
-The radius of using objects for E has been reduced
-The lifetime of ectoplasm traces has been increased
-Added a button to put all the equipment to the order
-Added a button to take all the equipment back
– The award board has been redesigned
-The lobby interface has been adapted to the 21:9 screen ratio
-Increased starting reward
-Redesigned ghost selection system at the initial levels
-The color of the completed quest has been changed
-Light sources adapt to the brightness
-The prices of goods were lowered
-Ritual candles can be lit on the use button (E)
-The radius of the ritual circle is increased
-The sound of the radio noise has been reduced
-The sound of the character’s shortness of breath has been reduced
-The sound of the radio in the house has been reduced
-The sound of the player’s walkie-talkie has been reduced
-Now the dead will not be able to communicate with the living
-The flashlight now follows the camera faster
-Now the ritual seals are blocked until the ritual is selected in the Book of exile
-Added Chinese language (beta)
-Added the ability to block a ritual (to avoid accidentally clicking on other rituals)
-Ghost will launch an attack in the next room if there are players in the favorite room
-Added a device for training speech recognition and possible commands ( in the lobby )
-Added room names (beta)

-Fixed a bug with incorrect ghost display on the reward board
-Fixed a critical bug when seals and doors incorrectly identified the room to which they should be attached
-Fixed a bug when the crucifix did not work in the hand
-The ouija board will no longer show subtitles if you are on the floor below
-The book no longer glows very much in bright locations
-Fixed a bug where players could not click ready in the lobby
-Ouija board no longer works after banishment
-Fixed the EMF sensor hanging after removing the EMF spot
-Removed switching in the settings menu (Q , E)
-Now after exorcising the ghost, it can no longer be exorcised again

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