Gearbox Producer Says They Want To Do A New Brothers In Arms Game

Posted on by Ryan

During a recent interview with Wccftech, Gearbox producer Randy Varnell got into a discussion with the outlet’s writer Kai Powell about Brothers In Arms and Varnell said that he wished Furious 4 would have been released. Stating:

That game! I wish we would have shipped that game. Furious 4 was actually tremendously good. It was really good. The business reasons [got it canned], it wasn’t any creative reasons, it was all that dumb stuff that happens at the back end that I can’t talk about. But yeah, we were really excited about Furious 4. We paused that to go work on Borderlands 2, I don’t think that was ultimately a bad decision as Borderlands 2 has done pretty well for us.

Varnell also said many within Gearbox would love to make a new installment. Saying:

It has and it’s something we’re very aware of at Gearbox. I can’t say anything, but we would love to do something else there.