is Shutting Down

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In an announcement made today through GameTrailer’s Facebook page, the website best known for delivering video game video content since 2002, will be shutting down as of today. It’s quite sad news considering Joystiq closed last year which also was a huge part of video game journalism. I personally remember using GameTrailers when I was younger to find out about new video games and people’s views on them. Whether to be excited over a game or just to laugh at all the bugs. It’s never good to see a piece of video game journalism disappear. Be sure to head over to GameTrailers before they shut down entirely and relive the websites glory. Below you can find the initial Facebook post of GameTrailer’s announcement.

After 13 years, GameTrailers is closing down today.When GameTrailers was founded in 2002, internet video was a…

Posted by on Monday, February 8, 2016