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GameStop Warehouse Employee Sheds Light On Work Environment

We have covered GameStop a fair amount over the past couple of years and an overwhelming majority of it is negative. However, we always hear about what is going on in the stores and not the warehouse. The last time we heard anything about anything related to a GameStop warehouse was back in 2016 where an insider revealed that his warehouse would destroy retro games. Now we know something new and it’s actually positive.

A user took to the GameStop subreddit to reveal what the work life is like at one of GameStop’s warehouses.The user admits to being caught off guard by the amount of employees’ negative comments on the company as the warehouse seems to be doing very well. The OP said:

We struggle to set our restock goals sometimes but thought it was all fairly smooth. Knowing now that restock is the least of issues I don’t know what to feel. Warehouse-side things are fine: we have solid steady work and our supervisors/directors are generally very good/competent.

I have been slated to move up in the company and I hate hearing that retail-side things are not going well because I was honestly starting to feel a pride in my work in some sort of way. I must say that it’s unusual for me to feel that way because last several jobs have not felt even close to the same. You may call me a shill and whatnot but strictly from a warehouse perspective I really like this job. It is steady and gives me the hours that I want. If you all have any feedback/criticisms/warnings please tell me because I would very much like to know and use them to plan for my future if things aren’t as they seem.

The original poster also revealed that they are currently being paid $18.50 an hours (in part thanks to the competitive market in warehousing jobs) and provided an overview of what their daily duties en tale.

We are typically slated to do either WEB new release order or pick lines. WNRs (web new releases) are for online orders in bulk and pick lines are to restock stores. We haven’t run pick lines in probably a week or more. Probably because of cyber Monday and all that. When it comes to holidays we definitely work them. They cut the hours a tad. For example, we did 5.5 hours on thanksgiving, but it isn’t too bad in the end. They cut us off at 3:30 so we could be with our families for dinner. I imagine they will do the same for Christmas. All in all it is typical warehouse stuff when it comes to work hours. Shit but do-able

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We have no quotas and are not personally tracked for rates in any way. I worked at Amazon a few years back and this was a pleasant surprise lol. It’s odd that you’ve received wrong distros like that because from what I understand any order that is too far out of weight is sent to QA and any discrepancies are remedied.

Retail employees while happy that this person is being treated well by the company, others have noted that his pay is more than what many of GameStop’s Store Leaders are being paid hourly.


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