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GameStop To Be Open On Thanksgiving, Employees Encouraging Others To Quit

Something that has been a hot button discussion in the past few years is whether or not retail stores should be opening on Thanksgiving. With the growing support against these openings so employees can spend that time with their families, several retailers including Best Buy, Target, and Walmart have all made the decision to remain closed. However, there is one controversial company that has continued to take the opposite route.

GameStop stores will be open from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. across the country on Thanksgiving with Store Leaders being required to be clocked-in at 4pm. This has once again led to a discussion on the official GameStop subreddit on if this should be the final decision to turn in their keys.

Some have said they have already put in their two weeks notices while others have said they are simply waiting until the holiday season to be over to do so. Many who have moved on said they were able to find other jobs in the retail space offering a starting pay higher than what many keyholders within GameStop are currently making. One user has even mentioned that this has remained a major issue in their region as one district has had only one Store Leader for months with that last remaining member leaving. Stating:

$5 says corp sees this and just passes it off as per usual as a ‘vocal minority’ thing.

Meanwhile my district has hemorrhaged employees, only has 0 effort employees left, the district next to me has had no sl run stores for months now and is losing its last tenured sl, and I’m here being a fucking clown still staying for some reason.

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Someone please send an intervention crew to me.


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