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GameStop Still Firing Employees For Not Working Due To COVID-19

While GameStop have previously stated they would not be firing any employee for refusing to work due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak effecting the world, it seems that might have been a lie. Thanks to a new video by Camelot331, several employees have been telling them they have been fired for refusing to work.

One of the more serious issues came from an employee who had asked for time off due to their husband showing symptoms and had gotten tested for COVID-19. They even had a doctors note showing proof, but was fired by their District Leader the next day.

The person said:

My husband was showing symptoms of covid and I got tested and got a doctor’s note stating I could not work for the next 2 weeks.

I told my District Leader and thought no big deal because we are suppose to be able to just leave whenever we feel unsafe.

Just giving you a heads up That’s a lie. They are supposed to bring someone else in from another store. There isn’t a store anywhere cose to mine. All my associates are off expect for one sga. My District Leader said if I didn’t come in that he would need my keys and I would need to find somewhere else to work.

I just cried and cried. So I went in and worked. Being around customers for curbside. My husband got extremely mad about it and told me to just come home and find another job. My District Leader called the next day letting me know I had been let go.

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When they reached out to a contact within corporate, the source said:

“To answer your question. Yes. We are businessas usual. Meaning we directed our field leaders to discipline employees how they see fit. So several terminate employees for staying home during the pandemic.”

When the sources was also asked if those associates could take legal action due to violating the Family & Medical Leave Act or Families First Coronavirus Response Act, they said:

I’m sure they could but it is how Gamestop has always looked at it. They don’t feel as though employees will take legal action or be able to afford to do so. No one has that I know of. So they aren’t worried about that.


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