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GameStop Execs Reportedly Laugh At Their Own Subreddit, Refers To Store Employees As “Bodies”

We here at Gaming Conviction have covered the craziness that has gone on at video game retailer GameStop for some time with sadly a good majority it being negative. Now that negative attention gained more eyeballs earlier this month when Kotaku ran a story about employee’s experiences and the flood of posts that are shared on the official GameStop subreddit seemingly every day. With so many redditors joking that corporate never look at them or simply don’t care, they now seem to have an answer to that.

According to an anonymous source for Camelot331, the executives are very aware of what goes on on a daily basis over on the official GameStop subreddit. Executives reportedly laugh and refer to their own store associates as “bodies” and that no matter how bad it may get there is always someone who is willing to replace them. The source’s message stated:

“I’m sure you saw the Kotaku article, yes? So we had a meeting in corporate about this specifically discussing damage control. These people are out of touch.

I decided to speak out because I am not worried about this career anymore. I just want to help. I brought up several emails that employee’s have sent me directly. People are furious and want out. That is why they reach out to you or the media. Trying to force GameStop’s hand. I brought up the reddit and how it is entirely negative even though we have our guys comb it all day everyday removing post.

The corporate heads including some executives audibly laughes at these grievances. Mike looked at me and scoffed saying, “we have other things to worry about that store level bodies.” Yes they call small associates “bodies.”

So I gave the angle that we don’t have tons of long time associates left and if we cross anymore of them we will be left with no one with the right talent and experience to run these stores. To which another head said, “let them leave, it’s a revolving door here.”

The source also said that the executives barely interact with anyone even within their corporate offices in Grapevine Texas. Stating:

Most of corporate heads are on month long vacations and don’t really interact with anyone. They are well off from the inflation of the stock price so I don’t see a better future here. At least for employees.

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