GameStop Accused Of Stealing Pre-Order Money From Closed Stores

Posted on by Ryan

Thanks to a new video by Camelot331, Gamestop have started pushing numbers onto all of their employees. These numbers include the amount of, protection plans, Power Up Rewards memberships, pre-orders, and console warranty plans. Those who do not exceed these goals are reportedly being terminated or given a first and final notice.

The company are also now being accused stealing pre-order money from closed stores. One anonymous employee told Camelot that all stores in their area except theirs were closed and every customer that had reserves at any of those others stores have lost their reserves and money. The employee also said that corporate have told them to tell customers to call their hotline which has contributed to some customers being placed on hold for up to 4 hours at a time.

When Camelot reached out to a corporate contact regarding these pre-order issues, the contact replied:

Yeah that was a big discussion here. Seems as though Gamestop thinks since it is such a hassle to get the money back. Because they make it that way. An estimated 94% of customers won’t event care or want to go through the process of getting it back. So they can keep it all as an asset. So Gamestop will be keeping it all. Unless a customer calls in and gives enough of a fuss.

While no amount is known to the public, some are speculating that millions have been lost by the consumers in lost pre-orders.