Game of Thrones: Conquest Releases Dragons Update

Posted on by Ryan


Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and HBO Licensing & Retail have announced they are unleashing Dragons on their popular mobile game Game of Thrones: Conquest.

In this update, all players will be able to build a Dragon Pit to hatch their very own Dragon Egg, raising the newborn hatchling to a whelp, adolescent, and eventually to a fully grown adult in upcoming releases.

Tom Casey, Vice President and, Studio Head, WB Games Boston, said in the press release:

“The worldwide success of Game of Thrones: Conquest just one year after launch is a testament to the title’s widespread popularity as a leading mobile strategy game. Our priority is to continue delivering the best gameplay experience for our players. With Dragons being the most requested feature, we are thrilled to finally unveil the mythical beasts in Game of Thrones: Conquest and kick off the next chapter of the game’s success.”

You can view the teaser trailer down below: