Game Convention To Be Held Entirely On Steam

Posted on by Ryan

It seems that we are getting a new gaming convention, but this one will be featured entirely on Steam. This new convention called LudoNarraCon will feature exhibitions and discussion panels with more than 20 games showcased in the event. Some games include Blind, Neo Cab, Beholder, Cultist Simulator, and Sunless Skies.

Chris Wright, Managing Director of Fellow Traveller, said in the press release:

“We love conventions like PAX and there are some elements of physical cons that are irreplaceable, but it’s a challenge for indie narrative games to compete on the convention circuit. Small teams can’t afford the time or money to be at all the amazing events around the world and it can be hard for narrative games to show well at a busy physical event.”  

“As a narrative games label we’ve been thinking a lot about this challenge. When we saw what Steam was doing with streaming we realized it provided an incredible opportunity to do something different. This is very much a first go but we expect to learn a lot and hope to build this into an ongoing platform to help narrative games punch above their weight.” 

The event will be held from May 10-13.