G2A Sells $450,000 Worth Of Games From TinyBuild, Publisher Receives Nothing

Posted on by Ryan


Most people who game on PC or have ever been on Twitch have probably seen affiliate codes for a video game reselling site known as G2A. As the site rises in popularity every year, some do wonder just how it works out for both the website, and the developers who have their games sold on it.

In a recent press release. TinyBuild Games, the publishers of Punch Club and SpeedRunners, claimed that G2A have $450,000 worth of codes from their games alone while the publishers themselves have not received a dime.

G2A have said that TinyBuild sells their keys directly to the marketplace to their partner sites BundleStars and Humble Bundle and have tried reaching out to the company to work with them, only to be declined.

TinyBuild responded to these alligations by releasing this small statement..

“For a while now our devs have been getting e-mails from G2A with proposals to work together. We no longer actively jump on additional distribution opportunities (there’s a new bundle every day…), but the whole G2A subject needs to be talked about a bit more.”

The company also went to Twitter to talk about the issue, but ended up having their website taken offline due to a possible DDOS attack. Below are what the Tweets said..