G2A Admits To Selling Stolen Games

Posted on by Ryan

After years of accusations, G2A have released in an updated blog post that they have sold stolen games on their marketplace.

This comes after Wube Entertainment said that 321 copies of Factorio were sold illegally and “after assessing a number of independent auditing companies and finding none that would meet our agreed requirements, Wube and G2A decided that G2A should proceed with an internal investigation.”

Their internal investigation found 198 had been sold on their marketplace from March 2016-June 2016 and have agreed to pay ten times the amount of money that was proven to be lost on charge backs.

Prague-based Wube Software became the only developer to take G2A up on this limited-time offer to the gaming developer community in July 2019, after discovering that illegitimate keys to its construction and management simulation game Factorio had been sold online.