G2A Adding Developer Support System

Posted on by Ryan


Despite the ongoing battle between G2A and Indie developer tinyBuild still going on, it has resulted in attempts to make changes to how sites like G2A work. The company stated they will be implementing a new developer support system starting on July 29.

This will allow developers to apply for database access to track sales, verify purchases, and find illegal activities while also allowing them to receive up to 10% of profits from their games that are sold on the site. G2A stated…

“We want to reassure the development community that we monitor our marketplace extensively for any possible fraudulent activity. In the small fraction of cases where fraud may be detected, we investigate and ban offending parties from further participation. We work with law enforcement globally to track fraud and we are committed to ensuring that the marketplace remains safe. Dozens of payment providers work with us globally because they have total confidence in our security process.”

Since the announcement, tinyBuild CEO Alex Nichiporchik has made a statement saying that he still is not satisfied. Stating on his blog…

“Unless they actually solve the main issue — fraud on their platform — this initiative invites developers to become accomplices. G2A claims that fraud is a very small part of their economy. If so, it shouldn’t be that difficult to implement ethical business practices of extensive merchant verification?”