Fuzzy Flip Now Available On iOS

Posted on by Ryan

The team over at Cateia Games are happy to announce that they new puzzle game Fuzzy Flip is now available on iOS. Players will be able to enjoy a large variety of puzzle modes and challenges. The game was made by Cateia Games and HolosOne, and published by Ayopa Games. Below are some of the features…

  • – BUILD SUPER COMBO’S: Use strategy to combine Fuzzies and build super combinations to receive amazing results and rewards!
  • – BEAUTIFUL STYLE: Gorgeous, colorful puzzle levels within this magical Fuzzy fairytale.
  • – BOOST YOUR FUZZY-POWER: Use powerful spells to boost your results when needed!
  • – IMPROVE YOUR BRAIN: Sharpen your cognitive skills and have fun doing it!
  • – NO PRESSURE, TAKE YOUR TIME: There’s no time limit. Take as many goes and as much time as you want to complete each fun-packed challenge!
  • – MULTIPLE LEVELS: Over 100 fun-packed brain-teasers provide many hours of puzzle-packed challenge and enjoyment. Exciting discovery every step of the way!
  • – COMPLETELY FREE: Play all the way to the end with no in-app purchases required!
  • – COMPARE AND COMPETE: Facebook leaderboard allows you to see if you are a King or Queen of the Fuzzies ruling over your friends!


Fuzzy Flip is Free to download with the option of purchasing items using microtransactions.