Former Ubisoft Lead Says Switch May Not Get Current Gen Ports

Posted on by Ryan


There has been lots of speculation about if current generation games could be ported over to Nintendo’s upcoming console/handheld hybrid Switch and if it could actually handle it. While we did see The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in the debut video of Switch, it doesn’t necessarily mean others will have the capability.

Over on the Beyond3D Forums, former Senior Rendering Lead of Ubisoft Sebastian Aaltonen doesn’t have the processing speed. Stating..

“Around 50% of modern game engine frame time goes to running compute shaders… 25.6 GB/s is pretty low as everybody knows that 68 GB/s of Xbox One isn’t that great either… Switch certainly fares well against last gen consoles… Too bad last gen consoles already got their last big AAA releases year ago. Xbox One is a significantly faster hardware. Straightforward code port is not possible. Content also needs to be simplified.”