Flame Responds To TaiRong’s Unpaid Prize Money Claim

Posted on by Ryan
2018-04-12 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Yesterday former Houston Outlaws head coach TaiRong took to Twitter to say that he has still not been paid prize money from reaching the Stage 3 playoffs.

Now Outlaws general manager Matt “Flame” Rodriguez responded on Twitter that the Outlaws organization has their hands tied and that the issue is with their former owners Immortals. Stating:

I’ve asked immortals for your pay stubs (+mine) 4 times and still haven’t gotten em. As much as anyone with the Outlaws wants to see you paid, this is an issue with your former employer, and the people who managed all of our pay last year, aka IMT. Nobody at Outlaws can do much.

Flame even alluded to TaiRong is not the only one who has not received payment from that prize money.