Flame Comments On Moon’s Departure From Los Angeles Valiant

Posted on by Ryan

Following the Los Angeles Valiant’s announcement that their head coach Moon has been released from the organization some have taken to Twitter to comment on the matter. One of these people is Houston Outlaws General Manager Matt “Flame” Rodriguez who defended the decision for Moon’s release, but did not how difficult the decision can be from a behind-the-scenes role.

Flame stated:

firing your head coach in an environment scarce of knowledgeable coaches let alone knowledgeable coaches that can also be strong leaders at the same time is a bold move.

I’m not saying it was unwarranted, I’m just saying it’s a hard af job and requires a lot of qualities that aren’t inherently obvious to a viewer or even players. I’ll be surprised if it turns around instantly. Valiant’s gone through more staff than some teams have players.