First Teaser Trailer For Quad Core Released

Posted on by Ryan


Microwave Games have released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming  co-op shooter game Quad Core.

You can view a brief overview of the game and trailer down below…

A frantic arcade shooter which can be played solo or with up to three friends! All players are tethered to a shared Core which must be defended at all times. Players are free to move but pulling too far from the Core will pull the Core closer to that player. This means that communication among the team is vital to survival and safe exploration. Each player can also upgrade their ship. Once an enemy is destroyed its part will fly off within the debris. Any player is then free to equip these items. This means the only way to get reflective armor or a lightning gun is defeat an enemy with reflective armour or a lightning gun! The story of Quad Core features Earth hundreds of years in the future in peril. The ancient ones have finally had enough of Earth’s brilliance and have stolen our light. It is your job to retrieve it.