Firewatch Being Bombarded With Negative Reviews Following After PewDiePie/DMCA Controversy

Posted on by Ryan


Camp Santos is being bombarded with negative reviews on their official Steam page after company head Sean Vanaman took to Twitter to say they were issuing a DMCA takedown on all PewDiePie videos featuring their game Firewatch. This originally started after PewDiePie dropped the n-bomb while playing PUBG on a live stream.

Some of the” reviews” include the following..

“Please dont censor this review”

“The game is nice. Too bad at least one of the Devs had to get involved in YouTube drama and now wants to have videos demonitized even though they probably got a lot of sales through said YouTuber even playing and uploading footage of their game. So cash in and then kick your benefactor in the face, apparently.”
“First off I enjoyed the game, but if it wasn’t for people on YouTube I would not have played this game. YouTubers helped sell your game more than you can imagine, and how do you thank them? By filing a DMCA takedown against someone simply because they said a bad word.”
Vanaman has since gone to state his “regrets” his decision to Buzzfeed and  PewDiePie has also issued an apology video.