FIA Deputy President Talks Partnership With Gran Turismo Sport

Posted on by Ryan


During the recent reveal livestream of Gran Turismo Sport, FIA Deputy President Graham Stocker discussed their partnership with Polyphony Digital and Sony for the anticipated Gran Turismo Sport. Graham stated..

“We have been working on this partnership for a number of years, and it’s an indication of how seriously we take this. This particular Gran Turismo, as you know, is marked by it’s authenticity, and to my mind, now the partnership with FIA brings an added degree of authenticity.

The other thing from our point of view is that it makes motorsport accessible. That’s what we gotta do. We gotta make sure that everybody around the world gets a chance to come into the sports. So I think it’s fabulous. I’m a big supporter.”

Graham was also asked about the racing they showed off and said it was very exciting.