Fans Outraged After Millenway Files Bankruptcy 5 Days After Releasing Game On Early Access

Posted on by Ryan


Numerous fans are outraged and have taken to Steam after Millenway released a statement saying their company has filed for bankruptcy. What makes it crazier is this happened just 5 days after their simulation game Pro Gaming Manager 2 was released on Early Access. This has resulted in the game permanently being stuck in Early Access with the latest version of the game being version 0.1.48

You can read some of the reviews down below..

Dev’s did it again. They abandoned the project, just like they did with PGM1. Overall, this game is way overpriced and the first one had more potential. I saw this coming miles away. AVOID AT ALL COST

Don’t buy this game. It’s awful. Also, devs did abandon the game days after release, so it will be no longer supported (if it ever was in the first place).

had hope, leaves game after 5 days hm, cash grab much


Pro Gaming Manager 2 was the sequel to Pro Gaming Manager which originally released in April 2016 and was developed by Raptor Claw Games. The game received much praise while in Early Access as many believed the game to have tons of potential (including us). Shortly after release, the game did not change much and included an insane amount of bugs which resulted in a bombardment of negative reviews. It also didn’t help that the game originally cost $9.99 and shortly after release dropped down to $2.99. This project was ultimately left abandoned with publisher 501 Industries apologized for the incident and ultimately decided it would be easier to work on a sequel and give everyone who purchased the first game its sequel for free.