Fallout 4 Revealed at E3

Posted on by Dale

Fallout 4 has been officially debuted at E3 2015 this year. You will be able to play as a male or female character, you get to pick your parents at the beginning similar to Grand Theft Auto V Online character creator. You can of course expect a lot of the same gameplay you are used to but with more emphasis on creativity. You are able to fully customize weapons to your heart’s content. Bethesda also showed off a new Minecraft like mode where you can scrap existing homes, trash, tires, whatever you may see that the game allows you to. From there you can create an entire settlement, building houses, gaining people, and then obtaining power that will supply you with energy that can be used for many things. An important one is defenses because you can have raiders attempt to raid your town. The amount of crafting in this game has brought my attention to it, a series of which I have yet to play. I look forward to playing this title as it releases on 11/10/2015