Fake Razer Sponsorship E-Mails Being Used to Distribute Malware

Posted on by Ryan

Screenshot of the fake message.

According to a report by Forbes, several up and coming streamers have received fake e-mails stating the company wants to sponsor them.  As shown in the screenshot at the left, these messages contain several red flags including the email being sent from a Gmail account, and several misspellings of company’s name throughout the email (spelled Razor in parts of e-mail and in the from address).  According to reports, the application form link contained in the fake message is being used to distribute malware.

A Razer spokesperson made the following statement in response to an inquiry from Forbes:

“Razer’s brand and fan base are being used to spread malicious software and we want to ensure that anyone who receives this email is aware of the danger. Razer does not send out sponsorship deals via email. Interested streamers are encouraged to sign up at Razer’s bona fide site.”

Additional updates will be posted as information becomes available.