Ex Lionhead Producer Says Microsoft Is The “Destroyer” Of 1st Party Studios

Posted on by Ryan


The announcement of Fable Legends being cancelled and the strong possibility of Lionhead Studios being shut down has become one of the most talked about topics in recent memory. Of course while most people who have taken to Twitter have been just fans, some former Lionhead team members have also taken to the social media giant to voice their opinions.

Earlier today, former Lionhead Producer Daniel Grey took a shot at Microsoft by calling them the “destroyer of first party studios.” Stating..

“Really sad to hear the news about Lionhead. Microsoft really are the destroyer of first party studios. Seven years ago was a different story.”

“I imagine there’s a “first party studios” executioner that waits in Redmond until the day of reckoning.”

Of course what has made some worry is the amount of developers who are now going to be left without jobs, but Grey noted that Lionhead has been a giant “breeding ground” for some of the best developers in the industry. Saying..

“So many superb devs have been born out of LH. It’s a breeding ground for absolute awesomeness. I owe my career to that place T_T.”

On the flip side I’d love to hire some of the lovely LH peeps. What’s an appropriate time to leave before scouting? I feel bad.”