Esports Consultant Rod Breslau Provides Insight Into Los Angeles Gladiators Apology

Posted on by Ryan


In an update on a story earlier in the day involving an apology and statement by the Los Angeles Gladiators organization and their head coach David “dpei” Pei. For those unaware, both parties issued a public apology after Pei had bumped into players backstage during their meeting with the Houston Outlaws.

According to Esports Consulltant Rob Breslau, the statement was made after he reached out to Blizzard and the Overwatch League to confirm a rumor that “Dpei initiated enough physical contact against Muma and Jake at halftime of the Outlaws/Gladiators match.” This ultimately led to the Los Angeles Gladiators to release the statement earlier as they felt they were under extreme pressure. Breslau also said that the part about the incident being ‘accidental/unintentional’ is misleading.