EDward Gaming Partners With Gillette

Posted on by Ryan


Gillette have announced they have partnered with one of the top Chinese League of Legends teams EDward Gaming.

John Mang, Vice President of Global Gillette, released the following statement..

“We’ve all read about the incredible growth of gaming, but it wasn’t until we partnered with xPeke and witnessed the thousands of devoted fans who packed the Spodek Arena during the IEM World Championship that we truly understood the incredible passion of the gaming community. The commitment to precision and performance under pressure displayed by professional League of Legends teams was inspiring to us and ultimately led us to partner with Gillette’s first esports team EDG, the top team in China and one that’s posed to break out on the global stage in 2017.”

David Ng, President of EDG, also stated the following..

“It is an honor to be Gillette’s first esports team. For more than 100 years Gillette has been a leader in men’s grooming and has supported the best athletes and teams in the world. EDG is proud to join the brand’s prestigious roster and have its support moving forward.”

This partnership is not only great the EDG, but also the eSports as a whole and shows just how big eSports has gotten on a worldwide basis.