Easyhoon Signs $860,000 A Year Deal With Vici Gaming

Posted on by Ryan


Vici Gaming is looking to make a statement next year by signing former SK Telecom T1’s mid laner Lee “Easyhoon” Ji-hoon. This is a huge deal in many ways for the League of Legends community and Easyhoon is the understudy of Faker, who is regarded as the best player in all of League of Legends.

According to reports, 3 different teams were in a bidding war to pick up Easyhoon with the victor going to Vici Gaming. Easyhoon will now be making a staggering $860,000 a year to be on Vici Gaming.

In an interview with Inven, Easyhoon discussed his decision to leave Korea and join a team in China. Stating..

“The reason why I decided to transfer…is not because of my teammates or the coaching staff,” he explained. “That decision… I held after playing the Semifinals match at the 2015 World Championship. I had gotten the opportunity to play on a big stage, and the first, second matches were satisfactory. So, I thought that I would be able to play the third match, but ultimately ended up being substituted out. After I descended from the stage and Sang-hyeok showed up, everyone started to chant out his name, ‘Faker.’

“After coming down from that stage, I had a lot of thoughts. ‘What kind of meaning will I end up having on this team?’ ‘And in the end, isn’t what people want the most, ‘Faker’…’”