Early Report For Homefront: The Revolution Surfaces, Very Negative

Posted on by Ryan


It appears as someone over on NeoGAF has acquired a copy of Homefront: The Revolution ahead of its May 17 release date.

NeoGAF user Fezan claimed to have played the game for a little over 2 hours before deciding to post an early impression. That impression was very negative. Fezan said that if he were to give it a rating on a scale of 1-10 they would give it a 6, but later changed it to a 4 without any explanation. Below is Frzan’s issues…

  • The graphics are underwhelming. Its not bad technically but artistically it also looks bland.
  • There are technical issues like screen tearing and fps drops. I am not sure if its fps drops or frame pacing issues but the game feels sluggish. Beside that the game crashed once and have other issues like items sticking in geometry etc. Please note that there maybe a day one patch. It wasn’t up for me yet.
  • Movement feels odd and shooting is not satisfying.
  • AI is also not good.
  • The world feels huge. You can see Farcry influences everywhere.
  • At the start of the game it does feel like guerrilla warfare. You have limited resources and have weak weapons compared to the enemy.