EA To Be More Transparent For YouTube/Twitch Sponsorships

Posted on by Ryan

EA have announced they are making major changes for YouTubers/Twitch streamers they work with and it has support from the community.

Below is a rundown…

  • EA requires now by contract the disclosure of sponsored content
  • There Are two categories: #supportedbyEA and #advertisement
  • #supportedbyEA where EA has sponsored the access to the game (travel, press-event, review copy etc) but no influence on the content of the creator
  • #advertisement is straigt up advertisement for a game, with direct influence or material provided by EA
  • content creators are required to use the hashtags #supportedbyEA or #advertisement to mark written content (Twitter, Facebook etc.)
  • Video content has to use either the following watermarks or a clear audio message in the beginning of the video that the content is supported by EA or an advertisement