EA Renames The Sims 4 ‘Insane’ Trait To ‘Erratic’

Posted on by Ryan


Electronic Arts have quietly renamed the trait “Insane” in The Sims 4 to “Erratic.” This was first noticed by Kotaku and is believed to stem from an opinion piece by Kotaku staff writer Gita Jackson who wrote that she didn’t like the term ‘Insane’ by saying that doesn’t reflect the real world traits of  mental illness Jackson wrote in the piece:

“People who live with mental illness don’t behave randomly—they have specific conditions with specific symptoms that can be treated to various degrees. It’s toned down in [The Sims] 4, but in general Insane sims are more aggressive and less liked by other sims. Even in a game where you can be abducted by aliens or eaten by a Cowplant, this feels like a judgement on people who live with mental illness.”

All behavior traits will remain the same.