The original Mirror’s Edge quickly became a fan favorite when it was released in 2008.  A one of a kind game that immersed players in a dynamic environment of a privatized police-state-like city, Mirror’s Edge was a truly one of a kind experience that has left players begging for more for the last 7 years, and finally EA is going to give it to us.

During E3 2015, EA revealed that Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst will release in February 2016 for PC, and next-gen consoles.  However, Catalyst won’t be a sequel as fans expect, but rather a complete reboot of the series, that will go in to more detail about the game’s utopian city, its history, and Faith’s history.  If EA manages to deliver at and beyond the same level they did with the original Mirror’s Edge, then Catalyst will surely be an instant hit.  Check out the trailer below!