Dungellion Announcement Trailer, Closed Beta Sign-Ups Available

Posted on by Ryan


Russian independent developers Juvty Worlds have announced they are developing a video game that combines elements of Action-RPGs with Battle Royale titled Dungellion.

Some of the game’s features include the following:

  • Every man for himself until the last survivor. Arenas up to 4 players.
  • A lot of abilities that significantly affect your game and tactics. Find the rarest and create unsurpassed synergy.
  • Randomly generated dungeons and loot. Each new game is unique.
  • Rewards for the victory. Unlock new characters, skins and weapons. The farther you go, the more valuable the reward will be.
  • Rating system. Become the best in your league during the season and get unique prizes.


In addition, the company have also launched closed beta signups set to take place in the near future. Currently, the game is scheduled for release later this year for PC via Steam.