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Droplet: States of Matter Early Access 1.1 Patch Notes

Karl Ast and Krayfish Entertainment have released a new early access patch for their 3D platforming adventure game Droplets: States of Matter. This update makes several adjustments including bug fixes, changed level layouts, updated models, and UI changes.

Droplet: States of Matter is available for for PC via Early Access. You can view the full patch notes down below:

Main Features

  • You can now copy your save file.
  • Slightly reduced crystal requirements.
  • Price adjustments for several Gizmo Shop abilities. You can refund your current abilities to reset your spent atom total to the correct amount.

Level Layouts

  • Moved the first island Sprites and Elves slightly.
  • Adjusted some cliffs in Tiki Tectonics.
  • Changed a crate in Math Magic Castle to be metallic.
  • Adjusted some platforms in Redwood Climb.
  • Neon Badlands minor adjustments.
  • Layout adjusted in Gale Vale to make it slightly easier. Extra checkpoint and bridge added.
  • Added a bridge in Autumn Hills to help ease players towards the pink crystal.
  • Adjusted Helium Valley terrain placement to hint players towards certain areas.
  • Made the meteor section of Volcanic Domain easier.


  • Extra grass added to Gale Vale.

Model Updates

  • Thermometer
  • Sextant
  • Microscope
  • Binoculars
  • Globe
  • Barometer
  • Theodolite
  • Orrery
  • Armillary Sphere

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a softlock that would occur by leaving the Lord Krypton boss arena.
  • Fixed a few misplaced atoms and boxes.
  • Fixed a few misplaced air vents.
  • Fixed a glitch where the tree frog’s dialogue would retrigger. (It was not intentional before. The game was checking for the wrong event flag.)
  • Tree frog ice blocks now despawn when exiting a level.
  • Falling meteors no longer clip through the terrain in Petrified Crater.
  • Camera no longer clips through oceans, clouds and doors.
  • Fixed some misplaced lava in Industrial Junkyard.
  • Falling meteors now rotate along the correct axis.


  • Clarified the text that describes the ability to switch characters.
  • Clarified the Covalent Bonding ability’s description.
  • Fixed an erroneous text reference to Math Magic Castle’s old name.
  • Fixed a typo in the More Ammo II description.


  • Title screen layout slightly changed.
  • Total crystal count is now displayed as a quick menu whenever a crystal is collected. This is also displayed if you do not have enough crystals to progress through a barrier.
  • Starting a gold crystal challenge now displays new text.
  • Font updates throughout the game.
  • Time trial-related text is now hidden when the game is paused.
  • Extra fading effects in the pause menu.
  • Unlocking messages are now hidden when the game is paused.
  • Boss health now hides whenever the game is paused.

Quality of Life

  • Reduced how often panting sound effects play when the player is low on health.
  • More healing crystals, sandwiches and cocktails to the following areas: Autumn Hills, Princess Cara Bonnie’s arena, Math Magic Castle
  • Molly-QL is now always shown to be speaking when cutscenes are triggered from checkpoints.
  • The hint that reads to strike the board for hints now always displays until the board is struck for the first time.
  • Adjusted criteria for certain hints appearing.


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