Dragon Quest XI Introduces Monster Mounts

Posted on by Ryan


The latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals a first look at the monster mount system for Dragon Quest XI. In Dragon Quest XI you will sometimes be able to mount a monster after defeating it. This would allow you to access places you couldn’t before.

Weekly Jump looks at the following riders..


  • Dragon Rider – If you mount a Dragon Rider, you can travel to places you couldn’t reach by walking.
  • Skull Rider – If you mount monsters like the Skull Rider, you can climb up cliffs and dungeon walls only scalable by six-legged creatures.


In addition, two new monsters were unveiled. These include


  • Pearl Mobile – A mysterious machine made of a beautiful, pearl-like metal. Its body releases numbing gas. You can ride inside these machines and use them to leap to higher ground.
  • Bee Rider – The elites of the Ocobolt world ride supergiant bees. They attack with a needle and lance. You can ride these bees and use them to cross over lakes.