Drago Entertainment Responds To Fake Steam Review Allegations

Posted on by Ryan


Earlier this week reported that Drago Entertainmnt had been accused of having “hundreds” of fake paid reviews for their upcoming game Overland. This accusations were brought up after someone over at MMOs.com accused the company of doing so by even providing screenshots of reviews containing broken English as well as reviewers having 0.0 game time.

Dragon Entertainment has since released this statement…

“Dear all,
we know this is a serious issue and we are looking into it. To be clear: Drago did not buy any reviews. We did give keys to a bunch of people as part of sweepstakes or promotions including partners, testers, friends (as is common in the industry)… we are investigating this and will have questionable reviews (about a dozen as we can see) removed.
However, I also still like to point out that we got many negative reviews in a similar manner, that is from accounts with limited playtime and no other reviews.