Double Switch: 25th Anniversary Edition Announced

Posted on by Ryan


Limited Run Games have announced they are bringing the interactive movie adventure game Double Switch to the Playstation 4 under the title Double Switch: 25th Anniversary Edition. The game was originally released back in 2993 for the Sega CD.

You can view an overview of the game down below:


Eddie (Corey Haim) is locked in the basement of his apartment complex. Living there are a grumpy handyman (R. Lee Ermey), a young female reporter (Camille Cooper), two female roommates (Kimberly Oja and Wendy Gazelle), an ex-con (Irwin Keyes), a rock star (David Packer) and the hotel manager (Debbie Harry). The whole place is booby-trapped and Eddie gives you the controls to the traps so you can defeat a seemingly never-ending group of intruders and discover the mystery surrounding a mysterious statue in the building. The video clips were directed by Mary Lambert. This game has been updated to a higher resolution from the original release with new footage added to the game.