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Zoom Digital Media Group, LLC takes copyright very seriously.  In compliance with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have established a procedure to process DMCA notices submitted to us via the form below or via email ([email protected]).  The DMCA is a vital set of laws in today’s online world, and one that we have had to rely on to protect our rights and content in the past, so we clearly understand and respect its importance.

If you believe that this Zoom Digital Media Group, LLC web property is infringing on any of your content, please fill out the form below.  We review all DMCA complaints within 3 business days, and will contact you once we have reviewed the complaint and removed the offending content.  Before contacting us, please note that the vast majority of material used on this site falls under the “Fair Use” guidelines under US Copyright Law.  Fair Use covers the use of copyrighted materials for commentary, criticism, and news reporting among others.

If you believe that content we are using is infringing on your rights under the DMCA, and does not qualify as Fair Use as defined by United States Law, then please contact us and we will review your request within three (3) business days.

By filling out and submitting the form below, you certify that you are a the individual whose rights are being infringed, or someone who has been legally authorized to represent the individual or entity whose rights are being infringed.  Submitting this document constitutes a legal document with a legal digital signature, and this will be reviewed by our legal staff.  Please note that submission of a false DMCA Takedown Notice can result in civil liability.