Disabled Streamer Left Stranded At Twitch’s DreamHack Austin 2018 After Party

Posted on by Andrew

While gaming expos and conventions are something fans look forward to every year, these events are even more important for those in the industry who rely on these events to network with developers and service providers to grow their business.  For streamers, after parties sponsored by organizations such as Twitch can be even more important than the convention itself – allowing for networking among other streamers and building connections that can be crucial to their success.

This year’s Twitch After Party at DreamHack 2018 in Austin, TX left at least one partner unable to get in.  Mike Begum, more commonly known as BrolyLegs, was left out of this years festivities after he found that the venue selected by Twitch did not have any way for him to get up stairs to the partner exclusive area.

Begum is arguably one of the most well known competitive Street Fighter players in the world, not just because of his skill, but because he plays using only his mouth.  Begum suffers from arthrogryposis, a disease he has been fighting since birth that has left him confined to a wheelchair.

Imagine Begum’s disappointment when he found he would be unable to attend the Twitch After Party at DreamHack Austin 2018 because the venue selected by Twitch was not handicap accessible.

Friends, followers, other competitive gamers, and other streamers have joined Begum in voicing their frustration on Twitter:

Twitch has not yet commented.

To learn more about Begum, and other gamers like him, check out their stories on AbleGamers.org.

Featured Image Credit: Chris Bahn/GameInformer.com