Digital Sales Now 74% Of US Game Market

Posted on by Ryan


The Entertainment Software Association have released the latest data about the Computer and Video Game industry. The biggest news of them all is that in 2016 that citizens of the United States spent $24.5 billion in the industry on sales alone. When you factor in hardware, accessories, and VR, the number is $30.4 billion. Of this amount, digital sales counted for 74% of the market. This includes full game digital downloads, subscriptions, DLC, mobile and social.

Sales of the games industry accounted for $11.6 billion to the US GDP in 2016 with over 65,000 employees working within the games industry in the United States with an average compensation of $97,000. The data also shows there are 2,322 developer locations across all 50 states with 526 publisher locations across 44 states.