Digital Monster Ver. 20th Virtual Pet Announced

Posted on by Ryan


Time to put on the nostalgic goggles as Bandai Namco have announced there will be a 20th anniversary edition of the Digital Monster virtual pet aka Digivices. The devices first launch in Japan in 1997 before releasing to the West.

The products will be sold in Japan with the “Original Brown” and “Original Grey” color options. If you are interested in pre-ordering a Japanese version you can do so here. You can also view an overview of the product down below..

Appearing Digimon

In addition to all the Digimon from Ver. 1 to Ver. 5 of the Digital Monster virtual pet, the 10th anniversary and 15th anniversary Digimon, Dracomon and Hackmon, and a new 20th anniversary Digimon, Zubamon, will appear for a total of 134 trainable Digimon and 154 appearing Digimon. “Special Digi-Eggs” have also been added that can be obtained by meeting certain conditions (Digi-Eggs are the first step in the bringing-up of your Digimon), as well as the ability to obtain Omnimon by fusing the Original Brown-exclusive Agumon and Original Grey-exclusive Gabumon.

Training and Evolution

For the first time in the Digital Monster virtual pet series, you can train two Digimon simultaneously.This allows you to enjoy watching the two Digimon befriend each other, eat, and sleep together. The training speed compared to previous versions has also been increased (what took one hour now takes 10 minutes, what took two days now takes six hours, etc.). Additionally, new evolution methods such as tag battle fusion have also been added, the battle feature—not only training—has also been leveled up.

Communication, Battles, and Web Connection

The tag battle feature, which lets you fight in tag battles against your friends and the CPU with the two Digimon you trained, can copy and receive a Digimon a friend has trained to tag up and fight with the Digimon you trained. Also, you can register the Digimon you trained to the Web. In the latter half of the 1990s, a “D-1 Grand Prix” took place all over Japan. This event will be revived through the web, where you’ll be able to fight against rivals from all over Japan using the Digimon you trained. (More information about the D-1 Grand Prix will be announced at a later date.)