Developer Says To Not Expect Life Changing Upgrades On Either Scorpio Or PS4 Pro

Posted on by Ryan


There are many within the games industry that feel like the upgrades on Project Scorpio and Playstation 4 Pro are just graphical, and less about the opportunities in game design. One of these people is the CEO of EXOR Studios Pawel Lekki.

Lekki was recently asked by Gamingbolt his thoughts on both PS4 Pro and Project Scorpio. Lekki stated..

“I think that Scorpio is providing more opportunities for advanced graphics options. However gameplay mechanics are always going to be limited to what is available on the base level consoles. I wouldn’t expect life changing upgrades to games on these consoles. I think that some games may actually suffer from their existence. I can imagine a scenario in which a game is designed to run in 30FPS on the base console versus 60FPS on the upgraded one.”